Secretary's Message

It is my honor to be the Secretary of Jaipur Sahodaya School Complexes.

A futuristic vision of schooling needs to embrace various sections of society with a view to establish social justice in terms of equality of opportunities. 

Education is a systematic process through which children acquire knowledge, experience, skill and sound attitude. It makes an individual civilized, refined, cultured and educated.

Jaipur Sahodaya School Complexes is a voluntary association of schools within an area with mutual choices. They have agreed to come for a systematic and system wide renewal of the total educational process. It will be working for promoting academic collaboration through joint seminars, workshops, teacher trainings and many more. The objective behind it is to enable sharing of each others experiences and facilities for promoting inter school alliance. It also aims to bridge the gap between different segments of students.

I hope that Jaipur Sahodaya School Complexes will be immensely successful in uniting the efforts for escalation of educational process for children.

Dr Anjana Kumar