President's Message

It is my privilege and honour to be the President of Jaipur Sahodaya School Complexes.

I personally believe that great ideas do not belong in a vacuum, each one of us as an educator / administrator has to continuously strive for excellence by synergy of ideas.

Sahodaya gives us this opportunity of coming together, forming an interactive and sharing relationship and a productive partnership.

It is time for us to seek out networks, connect and collaborate. Let us learn, unlearn and relearn from each other to improve the educational outcomes of our children.

I look forward to make my humble contributions, together with all Sahodaya members to bring about a marked positive difference in education.

 Mala Agnihotri


  • JSSC meetings held as on 3rd March in Rukmani Birla Modern High School at 1600 hrs
  • JSSC meetings held as on 27th August in Aurobindo International School at 1430 hrs.

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